Two of the biggest RPG hits out of Japan in recent memory are coming together, and it all started with a meeting in a bar.

One of the most intriguing and exciting ads - even if niche - of the E3 2018 is that Final Fantasy 14 and Monster Hunter World they will be joined for a couple of special crossover events. It's a sort of exchange: the iconic monster Monster Hunter, the Rathalos, will head for the world of Eorzea by FF14 as a boss. In Monster Hunter, however, the Behemoth will appear in its form of FF14. VG247 asked the two producers how this exchange took place, here are their words:

VG247: So, first of all - how did it happen? It's a bit of a surprise, even if it's perfect. How was the collaboration born?

Naoki Yoshida: It actually dates back a long time ago. When we first met, I played Monster Hunter Portable Freedom Unite or G or something like that - one of Monster Hunter's portable games - in this bar. I met Mr. Tsujimoto there. Then a few years passed and I was assigned to take care of FF14. It was then that the 1.0 was rebuilt in A Realm Reborn.

Ryozo Tsujimoto: From my point of view, I believed in Mr. Yoshida's talent as a game director and I understood what his talents are. Honestly, I really believe in the talent of Mr. Yoshida as director of games, I would like to do a whole game together, if possible, but this time we were able to realize that dream by working together with this collaboration.