Square Enix still remember how you do the old dear JRPG and is showing it with Octopath Traveler, exclusive title Nintendo Switch which will arrive on eShop and in shops the 13 July.

After a first demo that was used to collect thousands of feedback and a second downloadable demo and very close to what will be the finished product, the game continues to talk a lot about itself, resulting even in first place among the most anticipated titles by readers of Famitsu.

From the graphic style to the turn-based combat, Octopath Traveler remembers in all respects a classic like that, although the gameplay is suitable for all types of players; apparently, however, the title will be "classic" not only in these aspects, but also in something that until a few years ago was the norm: there will be no DLC.

A declare it was the same producer, Masashi Takahashi, explaining that Octopath Traveler at the exit will be complete and it will not need further "pieces" of history or anyway additional contents that can make the title more enjoyable.

Something we're almost amazed about nowadays, it seems Octopath Traveler really wants to surprise and be loved by all players and owners of Nintendo Switch.