Many believe the E3 2018 as the ransom of MicrosoftAfter a few years of shadows, the Redmond house entertained the public with a lively and interesting conference, full of important titles, some of which exclusive.

Phil Spencer, head of the division Xbox, in the subsequent interviews he also spoke about the new console, declaring that Microsoft is already working on the new hardware focusing on two aspects so far critical for current machines: the fps and the management of power between CPU e GPU.

Here are his passwords, in which Spencer emphasizes how important it is fluidity in games and power management:

Fluidity is certainly an aspect on which the consoles could do better, thus improving the framerate. I think that the current imbalance between CPU and GPU is also to be solved: if we look at this aspect, it is far behind PCs, we have to work hard on this front.

On the new one Xbox, currently known by the codename of Scarlet, will focus a lot on the framerate and on CPU and GPU performance; perhaps the gap with PCs will be reduced a lot.