Metro: Exodus was recently returned at the beginning of the 2019, and the wait has become even more difficult to digest now that Deep Silver has shown us a long preview of the world that awaits us in this new title. It is no longer the claustrophobic one of the tunnels, but they are thereand ruins of the disappeared world, submerged by the snow.

This is what we see in the preview of the E3 game, in which we are shown one of the first explorable areas of the setting of Exodus. In the preview, you open your way through the tundra, leaving behind the metropolitan tunnels that gave the series its name. The video sheds light on the mechanics of combat, stealth and crafting, as well as showing a land as wide as desolate and empty (except for the mutant fish, naturally).

The video lasts seventeen minutes. You can see it in full here:

Metro: Exodus will come out nand the first four months of the 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.