A non-new phrase that we hear more or less every time a generation of consoles is at the height of maturity and we start talking about the next.

Also PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, although the latter follows a different "market", have not remained extraneous to these speeches, or rather their successors.

Second Yves GuillemotCEO Ubisoft, PlayStation 5 and the next Microsoft console will be the latest hardware consoles as we know them, Stating that the future is streaming.

A speech that is not without foundation, if we think about what it is doing Nvidia and at the recent Resident Evil 7 Cloud on the Nintendo Switch:

I think there will be another generation of consoles, but going forward will produce less and less hardware. Over time, streaming will become the protagonist, thanks to greater accessibility by many players, which will make it unnecessary to have a console physically.

This will greatly help the triple A productions, which will then grow faster. We need to work on accessibility, so that video games are usable anywhere, on any device. In the future maybe we could transmit the game on telephones or televisions without going from a console, this thing would totally change the videogame industry.

Already other companies are working on this technology, like Nvidia, so I think it is a road already under way that needs to evolve, so as to allow an optimal experience for everyone, starting from urban centers.

Gaming and consoles have actually changed over time, though more to an evolution (more or less marked according to the generations) that an effective revolution like the game in streaming. We will really see something like this in the future or the CEO's speeches Ubisoft are currently pure utopia?