It seems that the fate of games on iOS and Android is that of the free-to-play, at least according to Square Enix Montreal and the harsh decision he made: abandon the GO series, despite good results and excellent criticism.

To reveal it was Patrick Naud, head of the team, in the course of interview, when asked if they would come out in the future new titles in the GO series, which we recall takes some of the most famous series of Square Enix (like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Deus Ex) and brings them into the strategic and tactical world.

The answer, as you will have understood, it was negative:

No, I'm sorry. The GO series has been an important part of the work of our team, we have made three titles but seeing how things go we have to stop, publish premium products has really become impossible.

Their market is decreasing more and more; there are quality free-to-play games and therefore more and more the number of players willing to buy a game decreases by paying a full price.

Sorry for the GO series that, indeed, proposed something different and quality, with the "limit", if at this point so we want to call it, have a purchase price and not be freely downloadable with in-app purchases.

The world of mobile gaming is now destined to be just free-to-play? Even if at the moment it seems impossible, could something like this happen on console and PC?