Bethesda unveiled Fallout 76 with a teaser that confirms its realization. The teaser begins in a rather typical setting for the series, with a close-up of a radio slowly moving away as the music rings to reveal the game world. But even if the formula is the same, the important elements are different: the song, Country Roads, is much more recent than the tracks used in previous trailers (the original was published in 1971) and the setting seems relatively untouched and normal .

According to three sources who spoke anonymously to Kotaku, the game will be different from previous Fallout titles. Instead of an RPG / single player shooter, sources said it will be an online survival game in the wake of Rust e DayZ. There will be a plot but the focus will be on building a base, similar to what we saw in Fallout 4 and other survival mechanics, with a strong multiplayer component. It was originally intended as a multiplayer element of Fallout 4 but has since evolved into something distinct.

The trailer itself suggests that Fallout 76 will have a certain element of post-nuclear Sim City. At one point, the radio announcer says "When the fighting stopped and the fallout was resolved, it is necessary to rebuild". Vault 76 was also mentioned earlier in Fallout 3 and 4 as a "control vault" that was to serve as a base for experimental vaults and, more significantly, that only 20 had to be opened years after the war.

This would place Fallout 76 in the 2097, 150 years before Fallout 3 and almost 200 years before New Vegas e Fallout 4. It must be stressed that the Pip-Boy seen in the video indicates that the date is October 2102 but, even so, is very close to the possible opening date of the Vault. We just have to wait for the E3 to get more information.