That of the loot box it is a problem we have often talked about, from states that want to ban them, to those who want to regulate them and to those who consider them to be equal to gambling, the controversy as well as their diffusion in modern games does not see restraints.

To put the load from ninety is the famous (more for his statements than anything else) market analyst Michael Pachter, which also in this case did not use filters to insult those who make a disproportionate use of the prize funds, simply defining them "stupid"

Why do loot boxes exist? Because users are stupid and spend thousands of dollars hoping to get the item they want so much. If instead that same object cost 500 $ surely they would not buy it. At this point I think that the best solution is the one currently in force in China: indicate without hiding anything with how much probability it is possible to obtain a given object by opening a loot box.

For example, let's do that an object has a probability of 1 on 250 to exit a loot box, but there is also the possibility to buy it directly at 250 $; at that point I think that people would buy it without defying fate, rather than spending 600 $ in loot box.

If the loot boxes are more and more present in modern video games, it is because, indeed, the players buy many, thus enriching the cases of the software houses; maybe the words used by Michael Pachter they are a bit 'heavy, but the solution adopted in China and the example made by the analyst could at least regulate and make everything more transparent.