A modder has pulled out a map of Bloodborne (Upper Cathedral Ward) from Dark Souls: Remastered and opened it in Grand Theft Auto V, and therefore it is possible to explore it in a car.

It is definitely difficult to decide what is the most bizarre thing in this fact (in my opinion the unlikely couple Souls and GTA). Why does the map of a 2011 game, re-edited in the 2018, have a map of a 2015 game?

The map in question is labeled "m99_99_98_00". The files with "m99" in Souls are often used for testing, as well as the first ones that the modder in question, Dropoff, found in Dark Souls: Remastered.

The architecture of the extracted map is a little different from the one released in Bloodborne, but remains easily identifiable. Lance McDonald, another Souls modder, endorsed the hypothesis that the area was created during the development of Dark Souls and then reused in Bloodborne.

McDonald himself also found part of the Bolatarian level of Demon's Souls in the same set of files.

The reason why the map was opened the GTA V, explained Dropoff, is because he imported the model into an 3D software that allowed him to reconfigure it to open it in GTA V. He learned how to do this through tutorials.