Monolith Soft is famous above all for the Xenoblade Chronicles series, whose last chapter of the series was released a few months ago on Nintendo Switch; currently the software house is working on other projects e Tetsuya Takahashi he spoke of one his idea on which he would like to develop a new title.

During an interview, Takahashi said he wanted to create a game that could be summarized as "American dramatic film": It would be very different from what the software house has developed to date, with themes that would also touch eroticism.

A game definitely out of the box as the same Takahashi had doubts about the acceptance or not of the idea, completely loose doubts when Koh Kojima, director of Monolith Soft, has accepted this "project" well.

Who knows if in the future we will really see a game based on the dramatic and erotic ideas of Tetsuya Takahashi; surely we will know more in the future, but we will probably have to wait a long time.