The app Steam Link di Valve It is designed to operate a mobile device in the same way as a Steam Link, allowing users to transmit PC games over the phone via WiFi. Valve stated that the app it had already been approved by Apple but it was blocked retroactively and the appeal was dismissed.

On Monday 7 May, Apple approved the Steam Link app for distribution, while Wednesday 9 May Valve released app news. The following morning, Apple revoked the approval by citing commercial conflicts with the app guidelines that allegedly had not been made by the original review team.

Valve appealed based on the fact that many similar streaming programs exist on the App Store, but were denied:

In the end, this appeal was denied by leaving the Steam Link app for iOS blocked by publication. The team has spent many hours on this project and on the approval process, so we are clearly disappointed, but we hope that Apple will reconsider the decision in the future.

Apple has changed app decisions in the past, usually under the pressure of public opinion, such as cancellation on blocked apps due to controversial political issues.