For those who do not know it, this is the above Dr. Cox from Scrubs (one of the biggest sitcoms ever) that sums up a very simple concept: porn reigns supreme (especially on the Internet).

Obviously also the videogame industry is not immune to this observation and more and more games have been developed on all types of support.

Today I find myself, and it seems almost absurd to say, to talk to you about Koikatu, last "effort" of the Illusion, software house specialized in Eroge o hentai games (needless to do the santarellini, you know very well I'm talking about coast).

For the few who actually do not know what I'm talking about, i Eroge are erotic games, ie games in which explicit sexual and / or erotic scenes are present.

In time, these types of games have evolved from linear stories that served as an "excuse" to show certain scenes to increasingly complicated games, with increasingly mature plots and dialogues and enriched gameplay.

But no more talk ...

The story behind Koikatu It is quite simple: our protagonist, selectable from 3 preset or creatable with the editor in the game, is a student whose parents went to live abroad and not wanting to get away from home, decides to stay and live alone.

To take care of him will be the aunt, who casually is the director of a very particular school, where all the students of this institute are girls.

If you think this may be Paradise, then you have not yet heard the best part: in fact your presence in this school is not accidental, but is part of a project that involves the opening of a club (of which we are at the beginning of adventure the only member and president) whose purpose is to promote the interaction between the girls of the institution and the male world, in order to get them used to having relationships with the opposite sex.

I'm sorry dear Gendo Ikari, but the aunty gave us a cooler gift than an EVA.

The aim of the game is to invite as many girls as possible to join the Koikatsu Club, of which we are president and only member, at least at the beginning, to promote interaction between sexes.

Koitaku presents itself as the most classic of the slice of life.

Readers of PDVG I apologize for the sacrilegious approach, but for those who know the series Person, the gameplay of Koitaku closely recalls the school sessions in the masterpiece of the Atlus.

Each day is divided into 3 sessions: morning, lunch and afternoon.

During these sessions we have free access to the various locations of the game (small hint: with F3 you can access a fast travel system that saves you a lot of time and hassle), all within the school, where we can interact with ALL the girls 'institution.

For each session it is possible to have 5 interactions with the same girl (for a total of 15 daily interactions) and the only limit to the number of interactions we can have with different girls is given by a time bar that scrolls up the screen. When this bar is completed you will go to the next day session, except for the afternoon session that will take us back to our home where we can save our progress (or, in the most advanced stages of play, we will have the opportunity to bring the damsel turn to visit our rooms, with everything that goes with it).

The chat system of Koikatu it is the heart of the gameplay; in fact, through the selection of the various commands present, it will be possible to improve our affinities with the girl on duty.

There are 4 different types of actions available:

  1. Active interactions: they are of two types (look and touch) and do not consume one of the 5 interactions available and serve to increase the rating of Love or H. Using them however could annoy the girl we face, so they should be used sparingly, because they lower the level of Favoribility.
  2. Pro-active chat: we pass from talking about the plus and the minus (Small Talk), of the love interests (Love), up to entering into the living with more spicy questions (Perversions). This type of action consumes 1 interaction between those available and runs out with the girl's response.
  3. Reactive chat: practically we listen to what the girl has to ask us and, depending on the answer we give, we will have a positive or negative reaction.
  4. Requests: here things get more interesting, in fact with this last category we can make direct requests to the girl on duty. Depending on the occasion, the time of day and the social parameters with the girl we face, we will have various options that can go from simple studying or lunch together to confession or simply ask to give us inside.


Affinities are of two types: Favoribility and H.

The first in turn is divided into two sub-levels, ranging from 0 to 100, the first that takes us from acquaintances to friends, while the second goes from friends to lovers, who, once completed, allows us to declare ourselves.

The second type of affinity is the one that allows us to go straight to the point. Once arrived at this point begins a kind of minigame in which, through the wise use of our amatory arts, we will have to give pleasure to our lover.

The interaction with each girl is not standardized (ie a certain sequence of actions does not lead to the same results) but differs from the character and traits of who we have forward.

For example, when we interact with a girl with the "friendly" trait, it will be easier to raise the level of Favorability.

To know the character of the girls, there are tabs available (accessible with F4 in game) that allow us to have a general overview of who we are facing.

In this menu we must also report the presence of the event NPCs. In fact, while all the girls on this screen move for the institute, in every session there are NPCs that remain fixed in a location, that we can go to visit to start an event, which in a certain way, represents the heart of Story Mode.

In these events we will know better the NPC on duty, even if unfortunately I have to say that following some story line was complicated, given that the translation patch I used to play Koikatu was probably made with the worst of the translators who are online, and in fact, often, I found myself reading phrases completely meaningless.


For those who are "experts" of Illusion titles, you may notice a noticeable graphic upgrade compared to Artificial Academy 2, also in view of the future use of VR.

Although the camera system is sometimes uncomfortable, especially in confined spaces (such as the bathrooms of the 3 floors), the attention to detail and the realization of the animations of the girls are well done.

Precisely on the care of the details we must point out the existence of an editor present in Koikatu.

Without a doubt we can say that this editor is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the game. Indeed, the community of Koikatu is among the most active in creating many new girls to be included in our school.

By downloading updates you may find your favorite waifu (I immediately searched and found Know da Fate / Zero), ready to wait for you and be seduced in game. Think of an anime or manga and probably in the 1023 pages of created characters you will find it!

Personally I thank the modder of the games to give us such follies!

Once you have downloaded the additional characters you can insert them into the game from the menu of assigning places or try your luck and after downloading maybe a hundred new girls, kick off the random assignment to see what comes out.

The other Extra mode in the game is the H mode, that is the possibility of having direct relationships with a character chosen by us, in a location of our preference.

On this mode, which is the only one that is possible at the moment "play" in VR, I refer you to the video of Fraws below!



Never ever would I have imagined myself, when I started to collaborate with sites that talk about videogames, to review a Eroge.

The game has a very linear storyline, without giving the impression of giving the player a specific purpose (or at least not as it happens in the classic visual novel where immediately identifies a route to follow and complete).

This Ecchi paradise, however, also presents many non-trivial facets, such as having to calmly study the cards of girls to know how to approach them to conquer them, leading us to squeeze a bit 'the meninges to bring home the loaf (and the girl ).

What did he want to say?

After all, while still talking about a Hentai Game, where the end we know very well what it is, Koikatu It would also be more interesting to follow if I had not had a really terrible translation available, but we have to make do because the good Fraws explained that now these games are translated directly with the autotranslate so I have to thank you for having what I had.

Obviously I lost my mind for the school nurse, but besides being "Old School" I have always had a weakness for Ruko Tatase, but with all the characters downloadable from the site Hongfire there is only the embarrassment of the choice between Original Characters and well-known personalities.