The world of modding is fantastic.

I really say it with all my heart because every day what people can do never ceases to amaze us.

Tale My Mate WINS he built a Wii U Gaming Coat. Yes, you read that right, Coat: a coat.

What is needed? Soon said: this coat allows you to take your own Wii U (even if you pretend you have never bought or disowned his life) and play where you want.

Inside there is also a projector on the hood to play "comfortably" with the screen on a beautiful white wall.

Some might ask the question of why to commit so much when there already exists Nintendo Switch?

No, we're joking, Satan has nothing to do with it: the main reason lies in the Virtual Console, which has been confirmed will not be present on Nintendo Switch, but in its place we will have a library of games for NES in the paid online services package of Nintendo.

My only concern is that we are mid-May and in my part there are already over 30 degrees, can not create a version for Bermuda and t-shirt?