Dark Souls Remastered is coming out this week, and it seems like that The Infamous City - an area, in fact, infamous and known for the continuous drops in the frame rate, it turns to 60FPS both Playstation 4 that of Playstation 4 Pro.

Digital Foundry He got his hands on a copy of the PlayStation 4 game and noticed that Dark Souls Remastered runs at 60 FPS without any drop and the pacing problems have been totally solved.

Optimization for PS4 systems is at the center of change. The playability of the 60 FPS title is the biggest advantage of the remaster.

Digital Foundry concluded that this work is "a positive sign for PS4 users". In short, finally From Software has managed to do a good job on the game, so we are waiting to see how the Nintendo Switch version will run, postponed and developed by an external team.