It is probably one of the most anticipated games, for those behind the development (a certain Hideo Kojima), because of the halo of mystery that circulates around it, or because at the moment we have not yet seen a real gameplay of Death Stranding.

But perhaps time has come, or at least that's what we hope, and Kojima feeds the wait with a tweet in which he "announces" the presence of the exclusive PlayStation 4 title to the E3 2018: showing the desktop of his PC, ironically that for some problems he had to use "windows" instead of "apple" to edit a video, it is clearly seen the icon of what will be the new trailer for the game.

The presence of Death Stranding at E3 2018 at this point it seems really obvious; the hype and the curiosity are now sky-high and we hope that this time Hideo will show us something of the real game, we can not live forever of trailer in CG.