He often teases Microsoft for the many peripherals, especially controllers, which periodically churns out, unlike titles and especially exclusive ones that make Xbox One in this sense a console not very appealing to the mass.

The day today is not far behind, with the presentation of the umpteenth controller, called Xbox Adaptive Controller, but this time there is a nobler purpose: help those with motor difficulties, allowing him to play and have fun like any other person.

Here is the official description on the Microsoft website:

Customize the use of the controller and create an experience uniquely yours. Designed to meet the needs of players with reduced mobility, the Adaptive Controller for Xbox is equipped with large programmable buttons and connects to external switches, buttons, supports and joysticks to facilitate and improve the gaming experience.

A truly commendable initiative, which makes fun for everyone, even the less fortunate ones who have motor problems but that does not have the right to entertain themselves with videogames.