That of the gods Pokémon is one of the most popular series in the world, which has always pushed the sales of Nintendo portable consoles beyond belief: with Switch on the market, the one in development will be the first chapter for a home console (hybrid, actually), if we don't count the spins -off like the Stadiums or the Colosseums.

Unfortunately until now we know very little, that is the actual existence of the title (or of the titles, but we will talk about it a little further on) and that the release will take place within the first months of the 2019: in this regard it is expressed Emily Rogers, insider who several times anticipated information then revealed true, stating that Pokémon for Nintendo Switch will be released later this year.


That's not all, since Rogers has indeed revealed that we will have at least two versions of this new game, but the highlight is now: it does not go so far as to say that those to whom you refer are the main Pokémon we are all waiting for, but an RPG that could be a main chapter, a spin-off, a remake , the 8a generation or something else.

Maybe Emily Rogers didn't want to push that much with the statements, leaving everything a bit vague, but the hype for theE3 2018 it increases more and more, in the hope that Nintendo will show the title at the showcase Pokémon on which Game Freak is working.