You did the binge with the contents of Bandai Namco that we have reported to you before? BRAVISSIMO!

Are not you satisfied? I hope not, because we have something else to make you download the cry of "Free.".

Do you know him? I admit my complete ignorance for once, but the fact that it is now available for free on Steam it will allow me to fill this gap.

Going to inform I find out that Stories - The Path of Destinies is a GDR action at first sight very classic but with a special feature.

In fact, during the adventure our protagonist, the anthropomorphic fox Reynardo, has the possibility, through the use of a magical book at certain times, to explore different "path", but if these lead to the death of the character, we can go back but keeping all the upgrades earned in the alternative routes undertaken.

Through this ability to explore the future path of the player's purpose will be to complete the game with the best possible ending among the 24 available.

Now sorry that reading all this stuff intrigued me and I started the download immediately!

And what are you waiting for?