The imminent Shadow of the Tomb Raider It has proved very expensive for Square Enixso it's no wonder the company is trying to experiment with less expensive and less risky projects.

Eidos Montreal, the main developer of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, revealed that the game has a cost between 75 and 100 million dollars, with about 35 million reserved for marketing and promotion.

It's a lot of money for a game mainly based on the single player. This makes it more difficult to monetize during the post-launch period, which is why we are seeing publishers moving away from the unique gambling business and into the model of games as a service, which naturally involves more than multiplayer titles.

David Anfossi, director of the study, admits that this creates pressure for Eidos Montreal to make profits, which is why the study has dedicated money and resources to experimenting with different game modes and concepts that can satisfy fans of games based on fiction and make enough money to be sustainable. Here is what was said by Anfossi a Games Industry:

We need to try new things, experiment stuff and learn. We are testing, we are learning and we are working on how to apply it to our games, but we have to be careful of our fans. Online does not have to mean multiplayer. It could, but it could also be something different. It can be a single player experience online. Online, for me, does not mean that we forget the single-player experience. It could be part of that experience. Or it could mean that we try multiplayer things at the same time.