According to Hicks, now that DayZ it is no longer necessary to close the final publication.

In a post on the blogHicks said he reached the same point reached by the first creative director Dean Hall before he left too. Here are the words of the former creative director:

That said, I feel that DayZ has reached a point where I, more or less as it happened to Dean years ago, are no longer needed. I spent years talking with all of you, working with the team and collaborating with Peter to where we wanted to bring DayZ. Now that you have started to see and try DayZ version .63 I feel as if our plans, our dreams are finally at hand. Peter Nespešný and the design team have a solid understanding of what DayZ is and what it needs. All our systems have been discussed, documented and discussed again.

The creative director goes on to explain that he is slowly stepping aside, giving other people the opportunity to have an effect on the future of the game.

In that year I did projects for what is next for me and I worked for free with Peter Nespešný in the role of design consultant. I will not lie, it was not easy, and there were times when Peter and I were both unsure about how the .63 version would be received or how it would work. I do not want to be a broken record, but I'm so happy that all these worries have been wiped out.

Bohemia Interactive has already announced that DayZ will finally be published definitively this year, thus coming out of the Early Access phase.