What, unfortunately, is common opinion on Xbox One is that for some time there are no exclusives that can rival those Nintendo e Sony, especially when the latter, from here to the next few months, has and will have titles like God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man.

In this regard, a user, probably impatient, asked for explanations a Phil Spencer and from here came a series of tweets in which the head of the Xbox division he clearly asked the users for patience:

User"Alan Wake on Xbox 360 was one of the best attractions for the console. Is there any chance to see a sequel on Xbox One? Alan Wake is great !! "

Phil Spencer: "It was a fun game to work on and I agree, even for me it was an important title for Xbox 360. Fantastic writing and setting. "

User: "And here's a great way to answer avoiding the question"

Phil Spencer: "I'm not trying to avoid answering, I like the game a lot and I wanted to say it. Anyway, yes, I can not announce new agreements on Twitter to date, I'm sorry "

User: "Phil ... we need something important. Like when Halo, Gears and Fable debuted on the scene ... we need new gameplay and new experiences. I'm sure you understood. I want something new, something that we never got to see, something to immerse ourselves in for years to come, not just multiplayer ".

Phil Spencer: "If everything is here, it's a low expectation. I listen to you. We need to invest more, invest in teams and give them the power to create deep worlds with interesting stories and characters, we need to give them time to do it "

We certainly appreciate the answers of Phil Spencer who, in one way or another, ha reassured the Xbox and Microsoft users, though patience sooner or later will end. I wonder if already at the next E3 2018 Redmond's house will not show something long awaited.