After the changes of Hanzo, it seems that the next hero in Blizzard's viewfinder is Symmetra. In an answer within the official forum, the lead designer Geoff Goodman has exposed some of the changes that will be made to the character. First of all, it will go from the category of supporting characters to that of defensive heroes.

The maximum number of thorrors that Symmetra will be able to position will be reduced to three compared to the current six but each of them will have 30 life and will double the damage compared to the existing ones. Moreover, in addition to being positioned normally, they can be launched in a straight line so as to attach them to distant walls or roofs. The televarco will go from being an ultra to a normal skill. Once activated it will allow to place an entrance and exit gate, within a radius of maximum 25 meters. The ultra of Symmetra will become the Photonic barrier, an immovable shield of infinite dimensions and with well 5000HP.

In addition, the weapon also has changes. The photonic projector it will become more like Zarya's weapon, with a beam of straight-line light, with a larger diameter than the present, which will strike at long distance with greater damage than at present.

In short, totally another character!