While the world enjoys the great exclusive PlayStation 4, God of War, there are those who already think of another new title that will come only on the Sony console: Spider-Man di Insomiac Games. Despite the hype is very high, in reality you do not have much information on the title in question, but the game director Bryan Intihar in these hours he has released some interesting information.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 will indeed allow you to change the time of day and the weather at will, but only after we have completed the story for the first time; this is because the game will be very focused on the plot and some situations have been designed to take place at certain times of the day and with a certain weather.

Spider-Man is a PlayStation 4

Here are the words of Intihar, who explains the reasons for this choice:

This game focuses a lot on the story and as you know many great games use some time of day to convey a feeling or a certain atmosphere to the situation based on where you are. This is why we want to make sure that the players experience the feelings and emotions we want to transmit, at least the first time they face the main story. After that, once finished, they can manually change both the time and the weather, as they please.

A definitely positive news on two fronts: probably the plot of this Spider-Man will really be very accurate and exciting, and we can also modify and live the story post adventure as we believe best, in total freedom of free-roaming, weather and time.