As technologies go on and videogames are becoming more and more realistic, the fascination for the retrogam and the 80 years it's always alive, with the Mini editions of old consoles like NES and SNES, or the excellent Cuphead that made you fall in love with its graphic style.

In the past, when the internet was not yet so widespread, it was necessary to purchase information on news and reading editorials specialized magazines and one of the most beloved of the years 80, dedicated to the Commodore 64, was Zzap! 64, which seems to be coming back to life with a special number.

The old editors have in fact opened a campaign Kickstarter whose goal of 25 thousand dollars it was reached and exceeded in a short time, reaching (at the time of writing this article) almost 35 thousand euro.

It is possible to donate a minimum of £ 15, which gives the right to the magazine only, up to one maximum of £ 500 that, in addition to the magazine, will allow you to receive various bonuses such as framed prints, T-shirts and games, of course for the always loved Commodore 64.

Probably this will not mark the definitive return of the magazine but it is always a pleasure, even in the 2018, to see a magazine like Zzap! 64 come back and let us try again the emotion of flipping through a magazine like that!