The Internet is a fabulous place, which made it much simpler to perform operations that required many more steps and time until a few years ago. The web has also given everyone the opportunity to express your opinion and, perhaps, this is not so much good.

For example, the many indie developers who have a direct relationship with the players from all over the world, who can contact and ask small studies through the various social networks Facebook o Twitter. Unfortunately not everyone is so polite and ea talk about è Mike Wilson, one of the founders of Devolver Digital, during the recent Reboot Develop.

Wilson, without turns, said that many users behave like real assholes, who are ignorant and who do not understand the difference between studies made up of three people and software houses whose individual studios also have hundreds of developers; when then an indie developer fails to satisfy the wishes or demands of the users, offenses start.

All of this fills the founder of Devolver Digital with bitterness, who continues by declaring how good it is to have a direct relationship with the consumers, but to be offended when one has worked all day in something that is believed to result in everything. heavier than it really is.

A real outburst with which one can only agree; unfortunately the possibilities and freedom offered by the internet also give voice to those who, in reality, do not deserve it.