Since their inception the consoles have had to live with piracy and, it seems, it will soon be up to Nintendo Switch, arrived on the market just over a year ago; Kate Temkin, who documented it together with the group ReSwitched, has indeed discovered one serious flaw in the Tegra X1 mounted on the Japanese hybrid console.

Nintendo and Nvidia have been informed immediately but, unfortunately, there is very little to do, since the exploit called Fusée Gelée can not be fixed with any firmware patches, being in the read-only memory of the Nvidia chip.

The only way to solve the problem is to produce the new consoles with Tegra X1 already patchati, but this obviously would not solve the problem for the over ten million Nintendo Switch already sold in these thirteen months.

Really a big headache for Nintendo, who could soon see his lucky console invaded by emulators, already actually in "trial", which turn full games, obviously pirated.