After five years of development the reboot for PlayStation 4 of God of War he came out and the Game Director of the title, Cory Barlog, has released a video full of emotion.

The video shows Barlog checking the reviews of God of War for the first time and is overwhelmed by tears. Tears of joy obviously, given the results of the game.

Initially he was not sure whether to do the video or not, but thinking of his son and wanting to show him that it's ok to cry and be sad he was convinced to do it.

"[Vows] should not matter, but I'm so fucking proud. - he said - I'm so lucky to work with people who are with me. I'm glad I did not do crap. "

"It's okay to cry. There is nothing to hide. I thought I would try to be a good example for my son and show that dad can cry in front of the world. "