Sooner or later we will have a final version of Final Fantasy XV, but apparently will not be the Royal Edition released recently: during the PAX East Square Enix has indeed announced that during the 2019 four more DLC will arrive for the RPG with Noctis and companions.

Each of the four DLC represents a new chapter until you get to a great finale showinga future that everyone wanted"With an alternative story for four characters of the game, which will probably make the happiness of those who did not like the "main" finale.

- The first DLC will be focused on Ardyn and is currently entitled "The Conflict of the Sage". The episode "portrays Ardyn's efforts, testifies to the resentment she has harbored for Lucis for more than 2000 years, and her clashes with the Astral"

- The second DLC, which will have smaller dimensions, will be focused on Aranea Highwind of the Nilfheim Empire and will take care of the Starscourge disease. In the official description we can read "The final day of the Empire will prove to be the worst day of Aranea"

- In the third episode we will play as Lunafreya and is called, provisionally, "The Choice of Freedom". The story speaks of "the fate of Luna, which even death can not free. His battle to save the one he loves distorts the fate inflicted on King Lucian"

- We then have the final chapter, "The Final Strike", following Noctis while "embarks on his final battle to achieve a future for all his people"

Beyond that, the new DLC will also bring a new musical theme created by Yoko Shimomura, while further details will be sent later. We understand if your face is the same as Noctis in the cover of this article.