The wait continues for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, the awaited new chapter of the series RPG of TaleWorlds, whose launch date is still wrapped in mystery. However, TaleWorlds has released new details on an important aspect of Bannerlord: the castles of the game, in fact, will be customizable and the player can make improvements to it.

Just like in the previous chapters of the franchise Mount and Blade, castles are a fundamental part of gameplay. The news for Bannerlord it concerns the presence in game of a real evolutionary process of fortresses, similar to the one actually crossed by the castles of the real world between the High Middle Ages and the early Renaissance. TaleWorlds discussed the details in a post on Steam.

The update of the castles in the new M & B will be divided into three levels. Starting from the lowest, it will be possible to modify them the defensive properties, the walls, the towers and much more. This also has consequences for the offensive side of the game: attacking castles of different levels will certainly require different tactics, which will contribute to the longevity of the gameplay. Finally, modifications to the castles must take into account the restrictions placed from the surrounding environment. Castles very high up could be in an advantageous position, but have limited space to grow, for example.

This gif shows the possible development of a castle in Bannerlord. Source: PC Gamer

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord to date it is still without an official publication date.