Developers of Middle Earth: Shadow of War they decided to remove permanently loot boxes and microtransactions, eight months after the launch of the video game. The removal will take place in several stages, including between May and July 2018, through a series of free updates.

The Monolith team explained that player feedback same has been crucial in determining the decision to remove the microtransactions. According to the dev, the main problem caused by the possibility of buying items (or directly orcs) instead of deserving them it would be precisely to create a "shortcut" that actually jumps to different footers fundamental mechanics for the gaming experience, on all aspects of the Nemesis System: buying the orcs allows in fact to bypass alliance relations or rivalries that emerge during the campaign Shadow of War. The Nemesis System is among the mechanics most popular of the game (as it was also for his predecessor), and it is therefore understandable that Monolith wants to protect him - even if it is difficult to think there is no relationship with the numerous controversies who have invested loot boxes and microtransactions in recent months.

Permanent removal of the microtransactions will start the 8 May 2018, with the revocation of the possibility of buying gold. Two months later, the 17 July, gold will be removed altogether, and with it also the coffers of war and the market itself. Following these free updates, Monolith will also introduce new changes to the campaign, introducing new narrative elements.

The announcement of Monolith is readable in its entirety here