After a long way, Little Nightmares he finally completed his episodic trip, completing the story arc entitled Secrets of the Maw. Almost a year after the release of the first DLC, The Depths, and just over a month since the launch of the last episodic DLC, The Residence, Bandai Namco finally announced the arrival of the Complete Edition di Little Nightmares also for Nintendo Switch: it will arrive the 18 May 2018.

In addition to the complete game with all the episodes that make up Secrets of the Maw, the Complete Edition will include a little present exclusive for those with an Amiibo: a mask for the main character, the Runaway Kid, inspired by Pac-Man. Finally, to close with a flourish, here the trailer explicitly released by Bandai Namco to present the Complete Edition coming on Switch.

The edition is already available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One,