Steins; Gate, the much-loved visual novel, is about to receive one deluxe version. The title will arrive in the west with one new translation, completely animated and with new storylines. In addition, the Switch will have an 8-bit version with the game's chiptunes.

Spike Chunsoft has announced several titles for the West at the GDC 2018 among them stands out Steins; Gate Eilte that will come up PS4, Switch and Steam. There are new storylines written by Zero Escape and will be accompanied by DLC on the Steam version, even if you still do not know what they are about.

Steins; Gate Eilte is completely remastered with scenes from the anime, creating a new and even more immersive experience. For those who do not know Steins, Gate, follows the story of some students passionate about technology that accidentally discover how to alter the past by sending emails through a modified microwave. The story becomes increasingly intricate when they discover that the SERN (the research center) is involved in a conspiracy to take possession of this technology to dominate the world.

And here is the trailer.