This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Street Fighter and all fans of the series, in addition to the collection to be released on May 29, will have more to look forward to (hopefully): Entertainment One / Mark Gordon has announced the production of a television series dedicated to the Capcom brawler.

At work on the film we find Joey Ansah, Jacqueline Quella and Mark Wooding, the latter again in the role of executive producer as a success in the web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. The information on this is very few and the only hints on the plot make it clear that the story will start from the World Warrior arc and will see the protagonists Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li fight against Bison, head of the criminal organization Shadaloo.

Street Fighter

The characters will not be together from the beginning, but everyone will live their own story with a different path, all but united by the same goal that will eventually see them working together to defeat the only enemy. Also on the television series was the Street Fighter executive producer, Yoshinoro Ono, who seems to be really satisfied, expressing words of esteem and confidence towards Mark Gordon.

Perhaps an anime would have been better given the particularity of the series, but we put all our hopes in the excellent quality of this television series on Street Fighter.