During a panel at GDC dedicated to SteamSpy, the creator and owner Sergey Galyonkin (also responsible for publishing for theEastern Europe di epic Games) has shared all the data collected from user profiles Steam.

One of the most interesting suggestions is that Chinese players spend more than twice as many hours per week playing PUBG compared to US players. China has an average of 16 hours against the United States 7.

The disparity can be partially attributed to what SteamSpy said according to which about the 78% of Steam users in China owns PUBG, which means that it is actually the most played title. US Steam users own six times more games than the average Chinese user, which could mean that US players divide their time between multiple titles while Chinese players devote themselves exclusively to a single title.

The popularity of internet cafes in China should also be taken into consideration. However, keep in mind that SteamSpy data is not completely accurate. The site collects data once a day from public Steam profiles based on the Web API provided by Valve. Since a small percentage of profiles is private (the 99,9% is public according to Galyonkin) and the Valve Web APIs do not work as they should, we need to take the data with pliers but, even giving a slight margin of error, it is still a surprising difference !