Today we want to exaggerate, because when there is to report free stuff we never pull back.

You have already read of surely F1 2015 (and if you have not done so, read here), but on this cold March day we also want to tell you about the offer Hitman Spring Pack.

Hitman Spring Pack it is completely free and includes the Sapienza location of the 2 episode.

Welcome to sunny Sapienza! Download the Hitman Spring Pack and discover the 2 Episode: Wisdom. Take on the 'World of Tomorrow' campaign, complete 20 local levels of professionalism to get new equipment, unlock items from the Challenge Packages and test your skills with Escalation contracts, and get access to Contracts and future Targets elusive of Wisdom.

Downloading the Spring Package you will also have full access to everything at Base ICA. The spring package includes: 3 campaign missions, including all movies, 12 Escalation contracts, over 120 challenges and 24 trophies / goals.

The important thing is that you download everything by the 3 April!

In addition to Steam, you will find theHitman Spring Pack on the stores of Playstation e Xbox.