When we talk about CD Project Red we can not but praise her, given the very high average quality of her titles, the last of which is the immense The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and her DLC. Precisely for this reason the attention and expectations on Cyberpunk 2077 are sky-high, but apparently it's not enough, since the Polish software house is developing a new triple RPG A, but we do not have any information.

Indeed, until recently, we were not even aware of its existence but, thanks to the last financial report of the company, we now know that we do not have to wait only for the long-announced RPG release, but also for another great videogame belonging to the same genre and output within the 2021:

A role-playing game with triple A production values ​​strongly based on storytelling and destined to see the light on all platforms.

CD Project Red

However, there is no information on what this title could be: a The Witcher 4 is excluded, since the same developers have always reiterated that Geralt was a trilogy, but their words were clear also about the positive possibility of finding ourselves in front of a new chapter of the saga in key of reboot or spin-off.

A new triple A RPG is confirmed at the exit within the 2021, at least according to plans CD Project Red; we will see when the Polish software house will reveal to the world what its new title is in the works and if it will belong to the saga of The Witcher.