The Game Developers Conference was very interesting this week and Ubisoft took the opportunity to officially announce the opening of two new studios: one a Mumbai, in India, and one ad Odessa, Ukraine.

These studies will strengthen the company's presence in both regions and could bring job opportunities to local video game developers.

Over the next two years the company will hire 100 people to work in Ubisoft Mumbai, which will open this June and will work side by side with approximately 750 employees of Ubisoft. The two studies will be involved in partnerships with local schools such as Intuit Lab and the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

"I'm really excited to see our presence grow in the country," said Jeab-Philippe Pieuchot, director of both Indian studies, during a press conference, "Our ambition is to contribute to the development of the Indian video game ecosystem, flanked by near the best schools and institutions. "

In the same way, the new Odessa team (Ubisoft said the studio is already operational, but is still looking for 60 employees) lwill be close to Kiev's Ubisoft studio (and many others) for Ghost Recon games.