Unfortunately, the dreaded day has arrived: Amazon Prime raise prices.

In fact, from 4th April the cost of annual subscription to Amazon Prime passes from just under 20 euros per year to the beauty of 36 euro.

A move that many expected, but that everyone prayed came as late as possible (or even did not arrive).

Recall that ad Amazon Prime, besides all the advantages on shipping and exclusive offers on their e-commerce portal, the services of Amazon Prime Video (a type of Netflix in small, but with good products especially in the TV series) and, for what concerns us gamers more closely, Twitch Prime.

In the last articles of "Free it's nice", We have repeatedly reported products distributed" for free "only by being registered with the service Twitch Prime. Indeed, the project began right from March "Free Games with Prime"Which allows the download of 5 games a month for subscribers to the service.

Considering only the gaming part we can say that it will cost us 3 euro a month to get these 5 games, so even with the increase in costs, it is certainly affordable (considering also the other services offered).

For those with a subscription expiring before 4st May will have the opportunity to make a renewal to 19,99 euro, while for new members the cost will be in a promotional for the first year, always 19,99 euro.

In addition to the annual subscription check also the option for the monthly subscription, obviously cheaper economically (but maybe it costs less to subscribe to Amazon Prime for a month that pay some shipping costs).

Amazon he decided to push on the accelerator to overtake on Apple at the level of company capitalization (to date the creature of Bezos worth about 768 billions of dollars while Apple travel on the 880-890). Analysts have hypothesized that overtaking will take place in the coming months and it will be the e-commerce giant to first cut the imaginative milestone of the 1000 billion of the company's total value.

Personally I think that 36 euros a year are not an exaggerated amount for what they offer, but how many of you will give up Amazon Prime after this increase?