Some former developers of Hitman and The Division have recently formed a new development team called Sharkmob and revealed to be working on a "classic cult". The team consists of numerous people who have worked for Ubisoft and IO and is led by CEO Massive Fredrik Rundqvist.

Talking with VentureBeat (through, the escutive producer of The Division did not reveal much, but said that the lfirst gold project will be a classic cult and provides support for live services. If everything goes well, it will become a franchise.

"We are not very interested in creating a traditional single-player game," said Rundqvist, "What we play in our lives, the kind of game we love, is very social, competitive, and always multiplayer. The more it is the better it is. Obviously, in our opinion the only mechanics of the game are not interesting if you do not have the right IP, the right setting, the right imagination that makes people excited about the mechanics of the game. I believe this gives you a clue as to the kind of game we are playing. "

He added: "I'm not sure, but I think that this is quite unusual for Sharkmob is that we have five guys who made 10-12 games together, leaving what they were doing together to start something new. We feel safer working together again than we would have if we had worked on our own.

"If you take the five of us, I don't think it's an exaggeration that the five of us cover a vision at 360 degrees of everything we need to start a company, study, play a game, create an IP, be sure about technology, direction artistic, the direction of the game, and all that stuff. "