The E3 2018 is still a few months away, the quintessential videogame fair where every year the various software houses announce new titles or give information about their most awaited IPs; one of these could be right Bethesda.

We already know that the software house will participate in the event the 10nd June but obviously we do not know what the titles will be presented: Todd Howard however, interviewed by the youtuber JustDomShow, stated that Bethesda is developing several new titles, one of which exploits the current animation system and is almost ready, while others rely on new technology and are in pre-production phase.


One of the games that take advantage of new technologies and animations should be The Elder Scrolls VI, as suggested by Todd Howard himself, so at E3 2018 we could see the announcement of other completely unknown titles. The totoE3 2018 for now starts Bethesda.