At yesterday's Italian 21.30, a SEGA panel was held at the SXSW dedicated to Sonic, in which the motto was "let's find out something about the future of Sonic". It was taken for granted that they were then presented to the new titles and in fact we have some welcome news.

The first announcement was Sonic Mania Plus, physical edition of the title already available only in digital format and which will have different bonuses in both game and physical: a new mode, two new characters, up to four players online, a holographic cover, a Genesis / MEGA-Drive double cover and an 32 pages artbook. The contents in game, in any case, will be downloadable for free for those who have already purchased the original game.

But the Sonic Mania ads did not end there: those who played both this title and Sonic Forces know that the two games are in some way connected and that, at the end of the chapter in three dimensions, Classic Sonic returns to its world. In this regard the creator of the Sonic Mania intro will produce five animated episodes which recount what happens after Forces at Sonic who returns to the world of Mania; to follow you can find the trailer of Sonic Mania Adventures:

Finally, the rumors are confirmed: a development is in progress new Sonic title of racing, apparently automotive, given what can be heard and observed in the presentation teaser trailer. The fact that, however, the game has now been revealed as "Sonic R", Recall the original title released on SEGA Saturn and PC in which the characters competed running on their feet, makes us believe that in reality we will have a nice surprise.

No new main chapter in three dimensions, but in the future of Sonic however, there are titles that will make the lovers of the blue icon of SAW.