When one thinks about coupled Dragon Ball and video games the first thought certainly goes to the fighting games, given the shonen nature of Akira Toriyama manga that is well suited to this genre. In the past, however, we could also play other types of video games, such as RPG or card game, and it seems that the next title of Dragon Ball will not be a fighting game.

The user Dasvergeben, which can boast of a certain credibility after having anticipated the announcements of SoulCalibur 6, the DLC of Injustice 2 and the arrival of Broly and Bardock on FighterZ, has in fact declared that the next Dragon Ball videogame will not be the already rumored Xenoverse 3 (whose development would not even begin), but an RPG based on the first manga / anime series.

Dragon Ball

After so many fighting games, the last one including FighterZ, it would seem that in the next game of Dragon Ball we will have to follow the events of Goku child, dedicating ourselves to the fighting, exploration and advancement of the level of the characters.

Waiting for official announcements, we can only begin to fantasize about how such a game can benefit from today's technologies.