During the first year of Nintendo Switch's life, console fans often wondered where Netflix had ended up. On Wii U it was present and it seemed strange that it still did not arrive on Switch.

The company, a few months ago, had announced that it was considering some options with Nintendo and since then there has been silence, until today. The Netflix executive, Scott Mirer, responsible for partnerships with device manufacturers containing Netflix, answered a question about Nintendo during a Q & A session.

In the case of Switch, [Nintendo] was very focused on a game-based launch, video was not a priority for them. In the event that this will change, we have an excellent relationship with them and we are attentive to the possibilities of the Switch. We both have opportunities on this, it could happen.

The reasoning is rather strange as Hulu arrived on Switch last November. However, although it seems that Netflix has the desire to get their app on the console, Nintendo seems not to be interested at the time. We just have to wait.