Consumerism is often seen as something negative, and the desire to always chase the latest technology, leads to "throw away" things still working at the first minimum problem, which could be solved in a short time.

Il having to send your electronic devices for assistance, be they smartphone, console or PC, sometimes leads to renounce to use the service and directly aim to purchase a new model, but this will probably change in the future, or at least it is what you are thinking in California with the law on "Right of repair".


This bill, which apparently soon will become reality, will allow for repair devices more easily: with it, in fact, companies will be asked to provide official internal components that may be useful for the repair both by simple users but also and above all by specialized personnel, so that repair times and costs can be reduced considerably.

With this law therefore both the repair manuals and the official diagnostic tools should be available to third-party users and centers, and this would not be useful only for the main purpose of the law, but also for reduce electronic waste, given that according to the legislature nowadays are thrown a lot of devices that would require very simple interventions to be fully functional again.

In short, in California soon everyone could become small repairers, I wonder if in Italy we will never have such a law that, in one way or another, would help both for the primary cause and for the problem of waste.