Let's go back to talking about free games, because free is the most beautiful word in this world.

Someone could dispute the fact that the subscription to Twitch Prime is not completely free, but considering the costs of Amazon Prime of only 20 euros a year, I do not think people can complain too much considering all that this subscription offers.

Returning to cannon on the main news is possible for members of Twitch Prime, download the first and only devil may cry, but only for a limited period of time.

The offer will be valid until the April 6, so you have an exact month to redeem the game.

To do this, go to your account Twitch Prime and follow the steps indicated in the following two images

Click on "Discover the Reward" ...




... and then "Redeem the offer"

If you do not have the application yet Twitch installed on your PC, proceed to download and installation and as soon as activated the game will start downloading.

devil may cry it was scheduled for last month, but due to technical reasons, it was postponed for a month. Once you have downloaded the game it will be forever yours (obviously until you have a subscription of Twitch Prime active).

Recall that the game is devil may cry, first chapter released in the 2001 on PS2 and not the 2013 version DMC: Devil May Cry.

The 13 March also awaits us a beautiful one Devil May Cry HD Collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One that will contain all the remastered versions of the first 3 chapters, with renewed graphics and push to 60 fps.