When you think about party games, you usually associate these titles with the consoles Nintendo which have long had an excellent tradition with this genre (one above all: Mario Party), ma Frantics wants to prove that too PS4 e Sony, with the project PlayLink, can have their say in this field.

A few months ago, free with PS Plus, I had tried "tell me who you are", The first party game attempt for the console Sony, but I was not particularly impressed, although the possibility of using mobile phones as a controller was very interesting.

In Frantics the same system of controls is repeated, with a series of 15 mini games to be enjoyed from 1 to 4 players.

To act as a "host" of Frantics abbiamo Fox, a very anthropomorphic fox "classy"(And in my opinion without all the wheels in place), which guides us through all the minigames.

Fox style has packages!

Minigames are obviously the most important thing in a genre title. As already said, I am 15 and I must say that they are all quite varied and amusing. The number 1 rule of each game is practically rubbing opponents, ideal to awaken the healthy "sportiness" that dwells in each of us.

At the end of each minigame, some of the participants could behave in this way

As a football lover, I loved it Heavy Metal, a kind of kick to 4 doors, in which the aim is to stick the only ball in the middle of the playing field in the opponent's goal, obviously avoiding being conceded (as we know, the attacks sell tickets, but it is the defense that wins games).

Many of the minigames have links to the world of sports, such as Chair Riots which can be compared to Curling o Tour de Frantics which obviously refers to the bike rides of the country of the snails eats. The advantage is that the games, referring to well-known sports disciplines, become quick and immediate understanding.

The game modes are 3: the first is a free mode in which we can simply choose which game to play in which minigame, the second is a custom mode where players choose a path from 4 mini games at the end of which a champion is decreed, while the last mode is the party mode of Fox. This last mode is the main (as well as the best) mode of Frantics.

Fox he chooses for us which minigames to face and with each victory we receive crowns that decree the final winner. During the minigames in this mode, coins are accumulated which can be spent on upgrades or to buy crowns at auction.

But as if this were not enough Fox is active part in these mini-games, in fact it can intervene during the games to make us proposals that we can not refuse such as winning another player to earn us a crown, often leading to shake unlikely alliances during the games (and punctually break them immediately after). In this way, the game is never obvious and there can always be a way to overturn the situation (there was not even Alessandro Borghese).

Buy the victory? This is also possible in Frantics!

I must say that I was very doubtful about using smartphones as a controller but instead I changed my mind: in almost all the mini-games of Frantics I did not find big problems, except maybe in Big-Top Hoppity Top, where more than once I risked crashing my phone against a wall (I might have some "anger management" problems).

In conclusion I can say that Frantics it is a successful experiment, although obviously everything knows already seen (apart from the interventions of Fox). Certainly not a memorable title, but Frantics he can take the chestnuts out of the fire in a few nights with friends who are a little dead, especially if they are not hardened gamers and always live with their mobile in their hands.

To date PlayLink consists, besides that of Frantics e tell me who you are of other 5 games you can find on the site dedicated by Sony (and the next one I want to try will surely be SingStar Celebration, to get me out of the condominium where I live, given my bad singing skills).

The last thing to note is that the game is all in English with subtitles in the language, but the application on the phone is translated into Italian.