There are many rumors about the new Battlefield in development and among these we find the almost secure setting of the second World War; doubts will be filled during the course ofE3 2018 but today we return to talk about the game later some statements made by the developers.

Interviewed by Jason Schreier, industry journalist, some representatives of DICE and Electronic Arts have admitted that microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II they did not work and that the next Battlefield will be very different:

In the end we are gamers too and we understand why the players hate them.

Battlefield 5 will undoubtedly have microtransactions, but these will not be influential in gameplay making the game a pay to win, where those who spend more money is advantaged than those who only pay the basic price of the game. Will it be true? The hope for us and for them, in order not to repeat another flop, is all there.