In June the summer begins, for many people start thinking about the holidays and for the students it's time for exams, but for all the videogames lovers it's above all E3 time, the most awaited Los Angeles fair of the year in which they are announced new titles and shown trailer of already known games, perhaps also present in a playable form.

At the moment of certainties there are very few and what we will be pleased to see at E3 2018 is unknown, but for a few hours three large and highly anticipated titles have been confirmed be present at the fair, although it has not been specified whether in playable form or just in video: let's talk about the exclusive Sony The Last of Us: Part II, of Anthem and the new one Battlefield.

E3 2018

No other confirmation at the moment, but many rumors: from Metroid Prime 3 e Pokémon for Nintendo Switch, from Kingdom Hearts III a Spider-man of Insomniac, from Final Fantasy VII Remake a cyberpunk 2077, whose developers have stated that "It will be shown when it is ready".

In short, as every year, also theE3 2018 it looks like a roaring, just because of the three titles mentioned above up to the many games we have been talking about for some time.