The news is not really about the world of video games, but the scope is such that we felt compelled to bring it back.

Sky e Netflix have come to an agreement through which the app of Netflix will be available on the services of Sky Q, in such a way as to integrate the already huge park of films and TV series of the colossus of Murdoch, with those of the most important streaming service in the world.

This partnership will give life to a real giant, which could easily bring the competition (already quite weak to tell the truth) to disappear completely in Europe.

The summits of the two companies have made it clear that users of Netflix can choose whether to keep their account as it is now (and thus take advantage of the streaming services already offered) or migrate within a package Sky TV to enjoy a wider experience, considering the exclusive on the sport in hand Sky.

The operation will definitely start next year, with the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland leading the way and Italy, Germany and Austria will be able to experiment with this collaboration.

But with all these movies and TV series available, when we find the time to play video games? Someone teach me how to get rid of sleep from my life, they are lost hours!