The past few days have been a real earthquake for Peter "Rolly Ranchers" Varady. The twelve year old really has some bad moments, but let's go in order.

It all started last week with a chance meeting. While streaming Fortnite on YouTube, Varady was paired with the popular YouTuber Cizzorz. Despite having published many videos for a year, Varady did not even have 1.000 registered at that time. After the couple played together for a while, Cizzorz encouraged his viewers to join the Varady channel and the numbers immediately began to rise.

With the increase in users, the first donations for the kid began to arrive, which until then had never received money for streaming.

Within just 24 hours, the number of Varady subscribers rose to reach more than 80.000 users, with subsequent gratitude from the streamer. On Sunday, however, things took a bad turn. The police in fact presented to Varady's home after someone had called the 911 during its streaming, claiming that Varady and his mother were going to hang themselves. Speaking to his viewers later, Varady found himself in tears not even knowing if he could continue doing what he liked best, broadcast his live on YouTube.

Cizzorz came to know about the incident and was understandably indignant about it.

In 24 hours we helped a child switch from 400 subscribers on YouTube to over 87.000. I was just told that someone swapped him during his live stream. I feel so bad. There are terrible people in this world. The child has only 12 years. I hope anyone who did it rots in a cell.

A sad story of profound envy that, for once, did not end badly. Varady has decided to continue streaming, regardless of the bad experience that has passed. Recall that in America the phenomenon of swatting is present and also very serious. At the end of last year, a 28-year-old man was shot dead by a Wichita police officer after receiving swatting.